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5 Stages of Building Your New Home


It is important to learn the 5 stages of building your new home, and knowing what happens in each stage. This allows you to start preparing for the move in and the interior design once you have settled in. Once the house plans are finalised and the contracts have been signed, it’s time to start building your dream home. This is the exciting part!


5 Main Stages To Building Your Home:


Stage 1 – Foundation

when building your new home and the paperwork is approved, signed and dated and your materials have been delivered, it’s time for the builder to mark the lay out of your house of your land. The builders begin to do earthworks to ensure a flat foundation for your house. Then the builders dig and pour concrete to form the footings. The posts are then placed in, and formed and then concrete is put in to hold the posts up. Plumbing is also laid at the point.


If your home is on a flat surface, you will have footing inspections, the plastic membranes are installed and builders will then add steel to your slab an then pour the concrete (this is the base of the house.) If your home is being placed on a sloped piece of land the builders will erect the posts, place in the bearers and then start the “sub floor” (which is done so your house can be level).


Stage 2 – Framing

Your builders start to construct the framework of your individual rooms in the house. This is when you will be able to start seeing the shape of your house and building your new home becomes much more fun.


Stage 3 – Lock up

This is where the builders begin adding the walls, insulation, bricks and roofing to your house.


Stage 4 – Smaller Details

This is where all the smaller details for the house are done for both the inside and outside. This includes attaching doors, adding in the windows, exterior rendering, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry work, flooring, painting etc.


Stage 5 – Hand Over

This is the most exciting part when building your own home, this is where all the finishing touches are added to the house and your builder then asks you to come and have a final inspection of the home before you take the keys and begin moving in.


If you have found any small issues or things you don’t like about the house during the hand over stage, or during the move in you may speak to your builder about their “on maintenance” period (which may have been included in your contract), which he/she will then be able to fix these issues for you and to make sure everything else is to your standards.


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