buying land to build your house

Buying Land For Your New Home


Choosing to build your new home is exciting and fun, however choosing the right land to build on can be a challenge. There are many factors you must look at before deciding on land, which is right for your family, your home and your future. By looking below you can see some of the factors you should consider when building land for your new home:


Size of the land:

When buying land you should begin by looking at size of the home you want to build, and the size of the land you are looking to buy. When looking at different pieces of land, ensure you are choosing something, which is within your budget and needs.


You may also begin to look at the surroundings of your land – are you close to the highway? Are you close to other houses? Is it a big or small community surrounding you? Is this what you are after or are you after something with more privacy etc.


Block Zoning

Another factor to consider when buying a piece of land for your new home is the zoning requirements. Make sure you have researched and asked your real estate agent about the zoning requirements/ detail for the particular land you are buying. These zoning requirements can include things such as residency, block average sizing etc. You may also want to look at any arising issues or setbacks, which can affect the piece of land for your new home.


Block Specification

Whilst buying land to build your new home, you may need to consider the block aspects, this includes the positions of your land. Check to see if the piece of land has many trees or is situated in an area, which stops the sun from being as visible. In many cases, the positions of your block and particular aspects can help to save money on your energy bills.


Shape and Angle of Your Land

The shape and angle of your land are very important factors to look at before buying your land. Shape and angle of land can determine the types of methods builders will use to construct and design your new home. Purchasing a piece of land for your new home which is on slope can result in more unique looking homes, whereas flat pieces of land have a more common layout and design of house. So look out for a piece of land for your new home, which will accommodate the type of home you are wanting to build.


Design Guidelines

There are essential guidelines for designing your home, which are created to guard the standards of housing in communities. These guidelines are used to give a clear direction of the design of the home you are building, in the community you are in, whilst also be able to customise your design to how you would prefer.


Basically these guidelines are created to ensure all homes in the community are built to the same standard to increase the potential future capital growth for the homes, as well as protecting your investment on your home.


Advice When Buying Land To Build Your New Home

When you’re buying land for your new home, ensure it is the right fit for you in size, shape, design and zoning. If you have found your block of land and want to start building your dream home, call Lindsay Bates and get expert advice to make sure the land is appropriate for the home you want to build.


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