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Choosing Your New Home Builder

When building a house there are multiple components, which are important. One of the most important components is choosing the right builder. Building a house takes time and patience, which is why it is important to find the right builder for you. Having a connection with your new home builder is important because it can make the building process so much easier.


When selecting your new home builder, you can use these tips below as a checklist to ensure you are choosing the best builder for your new home:


Tip 1: Your Home

To ensure you’re hiring the best builder for your new home, have a clear idea of what you want your home to look like. Write down specific details you want for your, the materials you would like, rooms, sizes, print off/ cut out from magazines images of housing styles and designs you would like etc. This then narrows down the builder’s abilities, construction methods etc.


Tip 2: Builders License

When hiring a builder you should ensure they hold a current builders license. This license shows the builder has met the certification requirements written by the Building Services Authority. It also shows that the builder has learnt the necessary skills to ensure they are building your house to a certain standard.


Tip 3: Builders Reputation

In the building industry, as well as every other industry – reputation is everything because of the high demand of competitiveness. When choosing your new home builder you can ask friends, and family of builders they may recommend to you. You can also start researching builders in your area and reading testimonials/images of their previous work on their websites. Also ask past customers, who would be willing to talk to you about the builders work and standards etc.


Tip 4: Contract Inclusions

When hiring your new home builder, ensure you speak to them about the quote they have given you. Talk to them about what is included and what isn’t included in the costs you have been quoted. For example some things to check on the quote can include;


  • Flooring – carpet, floor boards, tile etc.
  • Windows – blinds, curtains etc.
  • Light fittings
  • Drive way –concrete/ rock etc.
  • Letter box
  • Lawn
  • Fencing – metal, wood etc.
  • Tanks for rainwater


Tip 5: Ask Questions

It is important when choosing your new home builder that you discuss everything with them. You should discuss methods of construction, style of the house, contracting issues, timing etc. You should also speak to your new home builder about anything you don’t understand in your contract.


Tip 6: Builder Co-ordination

When hiring your new home builder look at as to whether they coordinate and mange the project and construction phases themselves or not. If they do – this is going to make your building process so much easier, if not you may want to look else where for a new builder as it can become quite difficult for you to coordinate everything yourself.


After looking at these 6 tips to choosing your new home builder, you should have a clear indication to what you’re looking for. Call Lindsay Bates to get more information on building your new home today.


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