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Designing Your New Home Design

When choosing your new home design there are many questions you must ask yourself and your family. You must start thinking your wants and needs for now and for the future. It is important for you to consider designs which will be affordable and functional for you and your family, also think about your land you want the house on and the facilities you intend to have.


Below are some of the questions you may begin to ask yourself as you start choosing your new home design:


The Look & Feel Of Your new Home

It is important when choosing your new home design that you choose something that will look good and feel good for yourself and your family. You may also want to look at a design, which is older and more unique, or a design that is more modern and common. For example, if you are interested in something common and modern, in Australia most modern homes tend to have plenty of light and space throughout, and also have free living spaces and interconnected rooms.


Bedrooms & Bathrooms 

When choosing your new home design think of how many bedrooms and bathrooms you will require for now, but also for in the future. Think of bedrooms, which may no longer be used in the future, and if they could be turned into something else and if not is it a waste of money?


Also think of your bathrooms, how many will be used for now and in the future? The bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms you will have, because of its on going costs, so when picking the number of bathrooms ensure you are only choosing what you will require, this will help save money.


Balcony, Verandah & Patio

For your new home design would you like there to be a veranda, balcony, deck or patio? You have multiple options for an outdoor room, and they are also a very affordable way to extend your homes living spaces and add more light. They also provide an attractive transition from outdoor to indoor rooms throughout the home.


Storage Rooms 

You must ask yourself whether or not you are required to store work tools, machines, kids toys/bikes, boxes on a regular basis. If this is the case you will need to choose a home design, which will accommodate for this.


Your Land

If you have a slope or angle on your land you want to build your home on, ensure you are choosing a home design, which accommodates this. Homes, which are on slope or angled land have unique designs and work nicely with outdoor rooms.


Also, if you choose a home design, which includes steps with the slope of the land you will cut back on the amount of retaining walls needed.

Energy Efficiency Options

When choosing your new home design you must look at the layout of the design in comparison to your land, whether or not the design will be compatible with solar panel systems, if it uses insulation etc.


The Style of Your Home

Also when choosing your new home design, you want to make sure it is going to look good on the outside as well as the inside. Ask yourself is a garden going to suit the design? Is the position of your land going to suit the design of the house? Etc.


When choosing your new home design it is important to ask yourself these questions to make sure you are making the right choice. Call Lindsay bates on (07) 4947 3161 or email us at to get your quote today.


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