What sets Lindsay Bates Building apart from other builders? Why should I choose them for my building project?

Lindsay Bates Building is a professional building service committed to making the construction of your new home as stress free as possible. Fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of home construction, they can take care of the entire process for you. From drafting plans and pouring slabs, to laying driveways and interior design. When you choose Lindsay Bates Building for your new home build or renovation, you will recognise a commitment to high quality workmanship and developing a genuine rapport with clients.



Are Lindsay Bates Building covered by insurance? Are they fully licensed?

Yes. Lindsay Bates Building carries all required insurances, including workers compensation and public liability. They are licensed builders, fully qualified and hold an open builders license.



I'm nervous about having strangers in my home. Do all staff members get security checked?

The Lindsay Bates Building team have worked together for quite sometime. All staff have undergone thorough background checks, including previous employment and security assessments. Lindsay Bates Building has earned a solid reputation for providing a reliable and trustworthy building service and have never experienced any problem with members of staff or any contractors they have worked with.



Can we still live in our home while it is being renovated?

Usually clients will remain in their home during the course of the renovation. During the design stage of the project, effective strategies will be put in place to allow this to occur with as little inconvenience to the homeowner as possible. During this meeting, safety measures will also be discussed as the clients safety and that of their family is priority. Lindsay Bates Building understand this is your home before it is a construction site and all tradesmen are meticulous in ensuring they clean up after themselves. They also ensure the site is safe for inhabitation before they leave and that nothing is left on or out to compromise the welfare of the occupants.



Do these building services come with a warranty?

Absolutely. Lindsay Bates Building stand behind their work and offer comprehensive warranties on their products and workmanship. Speak to Lindsay Bates Building for further information on their warranty periods.