The most exciting part of having your new house built is turning it into a home. Most homeowners have an idea of how they want their home to look and feel. You probably know whether your style is traditional, modern, shabby-chic, vintage or completely different to anything you've seen. The difficult part is translating your vision into words, descriptions and an action plan.


If you’ve ever tried to do your own decorating, you know how tough it can be. You might know what you want but finding all the pieces, getting the colors right - in real life, isn't so easy. There are so many aspects to consider and each room will be uniquely different.


Even if you are good at interior design and decorating, when it comes to your home, you may be too close to the project. Being too close to the project can make it difficult to get the job done.


Hiring An Interior Designer


Hiring an Interior Designer just makes sense.  An Interior Designer knows how to use internal and external lighting to bring a room to life and create the right ambiance. They know the colors and textures that will compliment each other and set te right atmosphere that you want to achieve.


Interior Designers can see beyond the blank canvas in a way that most people can't. This helps them make quick decisions to transform a room into a stunning space that feels like home.


When it comes to interior design whitsundays you need to be savvy when it comes your interior design budget.  This is where a professional can help you save thousands of dollars and lots of time. Every trial and error will cost you money so they best way to save your dollars and get the result you want is to talk to us at Lindsay Bates Building Whitsundays.


Lindsay Bates Building Whitsundays, Interior Design service can help you make the right choices.  Imagine all the stress taken away and having an expert help you choose tiles, fixtures, fittings, carpet, paints, colors, pictures, rugs and trinkets to create a home you are truly proud of.


We understand each person has a unique taste and style. We aim to bring out your creativity and turn your home into something really special.  You will be included in the decisions, we will just make it easier for you by narrowing down the choices, according to your likes and dislikes.


You are in charge of the whole process and we will work in with your budget.  Speak to our Interior Design Service and see how we can help you design the home you have always wanted.


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